A short Poem by 11 year old Princess Ezinne (Pastelezi)

A Hero, A Hero, A Hero at heart,


He always threw down the unjust dart…. 

Humble, Humble, Humble, as a Bumble 

He Raised South Africa when it was crumbled.. 

Fighter, Fighter, for you are a Fighter,

You made our nation score higher.. 

Together, Together, he kept us together.. 

Even with the unmerited weather of us as a country not being together.. 

Strong, Strong, He made us strong.. He gave us hope for we belong.. 

Music, Music, Alluring Music, Speaking through Music what an Illusion

Hope, Hope, He gave us Hope, Even through hard times as a country we cope

Missed, Missed, you will be missed, for you have been gloriously dismissed..

Johnny Clegg, Johnny Clegg, for that is you.. Rest in peace.. We all will miss you. . 

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